Zywkowo: Stork capital of Poland

Tourist attractions

Around 100 storks arrive each year to this village consisting of nine farms and populated by 25 people. When the storks leave, there are around 200 of them. More than 50 nests and nest platforms can be found on the village trees, rooftops and poles. From 35 to 40 of them are occupied each year, with all the slots taken during record breaking years. During the season, storks' clattering sounds can be heard in the village every few minutes and every few moments storks take off or land.

The life of storks in Żywkowo can be viewed from the observation tower at the farm No. 7 belonging to the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds. But the life of storks goes on beyond their nests. They spend long hours hunting in the meadows and fields and near the ponds. In order to see the storks hunting, you should walk outside the village. For this purpose, an educational trail has been marked out between Żywkowo and Toprzyny (a neighbouring village, which also features stork nests).