Bunkers in Mamerki

Tourist attractions

One of the best preserved complexes of undamaged German bunkers from World War II in Poland. In the years 1940-1944 about 250 objects including 30 concrete shelters were built for the needs of the 40 top generals and field marshals, 1500 officers and soldiers of the Wehrmacht, and most of them have survived to our times undamaged. Germans did not manage to blow up the shelters, they were abandoned without a fight by the Wehrmacht troops in January 1945.

Essential orders for the troops of the Wehrmacht were transmitted through this place during World War II. For 4 years, there were attempts made to defeat the Soviet Union. It is here, where conspiracy against A. Hitler took place when Germany had begun to lose the war. It is the place, where the order to suppress the Warsaw Uprising was sent from. In addition, visitors can walk along 30m underground tunnel connecting two shelters.