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Stud farm operation

Stud in Galiny was founded in 1998 and has been constantly evolving since then. We conduct breeding activities here, we breed sport horses of Holsteiner and Westphalian races, because sport is a necessary verification of breeding achievements. The historic stables and run pens accommodate more than 70 horses and the stud farm also uses 70 ha of pastures. In the Galiny stud there is a riding school conducting lessons for adults and children at different levels. Lessons are conducted at four riding sites and the indoor dressage ground. Hours-long excursions in the local area have also been very popular.

Riding school

In addition to our successful breeding programme and competitive riding events, we also run a professional riding school with horses and instruction available for all levels.

Under the supervision of a qualified instructor you can hone your riding skills all year long - we have both spacious outdoor arenas for good weather and a quality indoor arena for winter tuition. For the experienced riders we offer riding in the countryside and this is available regardless of the time of year - different seasons each bring a different charm to the landscapes. Younger guests can enjoy Shetland ponies and carriage-rides - these are very popular with children

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Trail riding

During trails from Galiny, riders can discover how wonderful it is to combine the pleasure of riding with the possibility of admiring the beautiful scenery. A fit and well-schooled horse is necessary for this kind of activity. Fortunately, in Galiny we have everything we need in abundance... unlimited space with fragrant herbs, picturesque hills, winding canyons and our blue ponds - these combine to offer the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday in the saddle.


Horses bred at Galiny excel in both national and international show jumping events, occupying leading positions in young horse championships especially.
We are also proud to have organised a number of cyclical sporting events.

We run show jumping competitions throughout May whilst during the summer we usually hold the ‘Open Championship of Warmia and Masuria' in show jumping for horses 4.5 - 6 years old.
We also organise the ‘Open Championship of Warmia and Masuria' in sledding.

The autumn season at our stud farm traditionally ends with the Saint Hubertus horse chase!

Breeding and horse sales

Our breeding programme, managed by the head of the Galiny stud farm, Miroslaw Owczarek, is based out of our historic stables. With 300 hectares of land, more than 70 of which provide grazing for our horses, Galiny has everything needed to run this professional stud farm. Since the beginning, the stud has been focused on the breeding of sport horses with stallions selected from the best jumping lines in the world. It is now home to around 70 horses with 10 mares producing top quality foals.

We also organise regular events :

  • Warmia and Masuria Championships in loose jumping for 2 and 3 year olds
  • Warmia and Masuria Foal Championship Noble Horse Breeds
  • Mare performance tests.