Tourist attractions

The village of Nakomiady is located in the commune of Kętrzyn. The origins of Nakomiady dates back to medieval times, when a settlement of one of the Prussian tribes was located here. Information about it comes from the end of the fourteenth century. In the years 1653-1680, a first, small palace was built here, which was then subjected to a systematic expansion. Its final shape can be admire till this day. It consists of a main building of the palace and currently 180 hectares of land surrounding it (before the war, the whole property had an area of 692 ha), which features a landscaped park, vegetable gardens and numerous manorial and utility buildings.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century the Ceramic Manufactory was created in order to expand the Palace. It started with the manufacture and firing of bricks ... Today, replicas of several models, portals and stoves, wall panels, tiles and many other ceramic works of art are created there.