The kayaking route on the Łyna River

Tourist attractions

Just as the Vistula is the queen of Polish rivers, so Łyna can be called the queen of Warmia and Mazury. It is the longest river in the region and has the largest drainage basin. It flows through the capital of the province - Olsztyn. The total length of Łyna is 289.4 km, including 217.7 km within the Polish borders, with the basin of 7126 km2. The source of the river is located north of Nidzica, near the village of Łyna. It lies at an altitude of approx. 153 m above the sea level and is within the landscape reserve Professor Roman Kobendza "Sources of Łyna". Changeability and colourfulness of the surrounding nature and the abundance of fish species found in the depths are characteristics of Łyna. The kayaking trip over the Łyna River not only allows you to enjoy nature, but also visit many interesting sights in nearby villages.