Park History

History Winding paths of the Estate


Origins of the park, surrounding three sides of the palace, dates back to the nineteenth century. Botho zu Eulenburg Ernst and his wife, Malwina Hermina Ewelina Fryderyka zu Dohna from Gładysze were the owners of the premises at the time. Most likely, she was the initiator of works related to the establishment of the park. This hypothesis is supported by artwork from the nineteenth century, which clearly outline the elements of the park employing the English style. The park was shaped with extraordinary attention to its compositive landscape character. At the time, it was a dominant design trend.

Due to low capacity of expansion, the park received an area of about 4 hectares, and because of excellent use of the qualities of the topography along with the river that flows through it, the area has gained unique charm as for this kind of park sites. It was probably the time, when many of the most interesting components of the park were constructed, including the escarpment behind the palace, planted with high bushes, with vines climbing the walls behind, cut just above the windows of the first floor.
A path meandered through the park from the north gate towards the southern part of the palace. A gardener's house was also located among the trees, erected in the eastern part of the park, just behind the impoundment separating the pond with the islands from the river flowing around the palace.

After 1945, the whole palace and park complex was taken over by the state treasury. Park slowly deteriorated and its qualities faded. Formerly carefully cultivated, it became uncontrollably overgrown vegetation.


The current owners have put a lot of effort and energy into restoring its former glory. The work on restoration of the park was carried out in a thought-out and consistent way. Maintaining the landscape character has been seen to - the concept of restoration of the park was prepared by landscape architects specializing in this field.

The whole design is entered in the register of monuments. In the fourth edition of the competition for the best work in the field of protection of historical garden designs, the owners of the facility received a gold medal for the best implemented restoration granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, which is only one of numerous reasons why you should visit this place.